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Ghibli Museum Tickets & Tips; 80% success with Ticket Japaaan. If not, Full Refund


Last update: Jan 21, 2020

Published: Jan 23, 2019

Official Ghibli Museum site:

When is ticket release?

10:00 AM on the 10th of the previous month.

For example, tickets for any date of March will be available at 10:00 AM February 10th, no matter if the 10th is a national holiday or weekend or weekday.

How you can buy the Ghibli Museum tickets yourself

While outside Japan:

1. Through overseas JTB Group

⇒ Around $30 commission per adult ticket.

2. Through Lawson Ticket (L-tike); Online

Most of non-Japanese credit cards don't seem to work.

⇒ To have your name on the ticket, your own Lawson Ticket account is required for which your own Japanese phone number is required.

While in Japan:

1. Through Lawson Ticket (L-tike); Online

Most of non-Japanese credit cards don't seem to work.

⇒ To have your name on the ticket, your own Lawson Ticket account is required for which your own Japanese phone number is required.

2. Phone or Ticket machine at Lawson (convenience store at every corner in Japan)

⇒ You need to speak / know a fair amount of Japanese language

Ticketing remarks

- Your Ghibli Museum tickets need to have your name on them, due to their ID checks before entry to the museum. (In case of multiple tickets for a group, just one of the group persons' name is needed on the group's all tickets.)

- From the July 2017 tickets, the only way one can get the Ghibli Museum tickets with your name on them is; someone (anyone, who doesn't have to be any of the ones actually going to the museum) goes to a convenience store (any Lawson in Japan) and operates the ticketing machine.

Get help from a 3rd party

If you are not able to purchase the tickets yourself, your will need either of the following 2:

1: Your friend in Japan who can collect from you your precise available days/hours in advance, then find time at 10:00 AM on the release date to keep trying for your tickets, then send the tickets to you.

2: A third party business who can do all those for you. (You easily find them on the internet. We, Ticket Japaaan, are merely one of them.)

Why Ask Ticket Japaaan?

- Flexible and responsive with your needs regarding to your days/hours and ticket types.

- High success purchase rate: Around 80% (so far as of January 2019).

- Not that expensive fees (1,500 to max 2,000 JPY fee per ticket. See below).

Please keep in mind

- Just because you ordered us would NOT mean you would get your ticket for certain (our successful rate has been around 80%). If not successful, we'll refund you in full including our service fee. - The museum's one entire month's tickets typically sell out within 30-45 min after its release. Especially hard to get tickets for the weekends, Japanese holidays and Japanese vacation seasons (we can still try, of course).

- You'll need to provide us with multiple dates and hours you are available to enjoy the museum. Because it's quite hard to get tickets on just one specific date/hour. - You best contact us by some days prior to the release date. Because we'll need some time to settle things in advance; your available dates/hours, where to send tickets (to check shipping fee), payment, and maybe other things.

Other general info

For general info on the Ghibli Museum including how to purchase tickets, here's the most informative site we find - you'll see Ticket Japaaan service fees are the cheapest if you are asking a third party to purchase tickets for you.

Info we could add to that most informative site would be;

- Once you are in the museum, you are allowed to stay in the museum property (any part of the museum, the cafe, the good shop) until closing 18:00, regardless of how early you entered.

- We feel you need around 2 hours to enjoy the museum to the full. Personally, as we chilled at their cafe (good-looking yummy dishes and drinks!) and got indulged at their goods shop (so many goods!), we needed around 4 hours till sadly getting out of the fantastic place.

- No photo or video allowed inside the museum. Outside is fine like these (taken by us) !


Thank you for reading!

Ticket Japaaan's main deals are Japanese concert tickets (Japanese artists or foreign artists). We are able to apply for almost all lotteries (a.k.a ballots) or sales for your favorite artist's tickets to concerts in Japan regardless of them being exclusively available for ticket sites' premium/paid members :)

(We've confirmed that other similar services are not able to as of Nov 13th 2018, assumingly because they don't dare to invest in those costly memberships.)

But we are NOT able to apply for lotteries or sales that are available only among the artist's fanclub members unless you are one of them.

Even if lotteries/sales you know of for your show are overdue or sold-out, you can still just go ahead and ask us for that show's tickets because they can be very possibly available for us!

So tell us what you are after via Ticket Japaaan order form :)


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