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To your favorite artist's concert in Japan

What we can do to get your ticket

- Purchase event tickets
- Enter ticket lotteries (fan club or public)
- Purchase resale tickets
- Make combini payments in Japan for you

- Keep an eye out for tickets

Only concerts? Nope!

- Festivals
- Museums (Ghibli Museum, Yayoi Kusama Museum, etc)
- Pro-wrestling, Sumo, etc
- Theatrical plays
- Circuses

- Any event tickets that one Japanese in Japan can arrange

check out some Japanese fun?
We help book Your fun

We know that getting tickets to events that take place in Japan can be a hassle for you. Because, typically, you'll need most of the following;

  • Japanese mobile phone number of your own

  • Japanese language

  • Made-in-Japan credit card

  • Address in Japan

  • Typing in all info in the Japanese characters

How it goes

1. You understand and agree to our terms.

2. You send us an order using the order form.

3. You receive our email.

4. If everything is ok, you pay us money via PayPal.

5. You pick up your tickets in Japan, or get your tickets delivered.

+ JPY 500 to the total if we need to go to a convenience store.
(Meaning, we encourage you to pick up your tickets from a 

convenience store yourself when in Japan - not much of a hassle.)

Order Tickets

Important changes: 

I won't be able to pick up AND ship tickets out of Japan or within Japan — sorry! 

As a result, where possible, I'll have to ask you to pick up tickets for yourself when you're in Japan
(Receiving tickets at an address in Japan AND sending them out of Japan or within Japan can still  be done when necessary.
Paying at convenience stores in Japan is also still doable. I'll use my  people's help in such cases.) 

I will not accommodate orders when your sentences appear arrogant or too hard to efficiently  communicate with — this barely happens, but excuse me for being judgy! 

Anyway, you can JUST THROW YOUR ORDER, I will then suggest what I can do :) 

                                                                                              Jun | Ticket Japaaan  

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