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Who are we?

Not really "we are" but, 
I am...

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Founder of


  • Facebook - White Circle

Aiming to someday own a Music/Event Venue + Artist's Accommodation + Cinema in Poland


All this stemmed out of wanting my own cinema outside Japan. Now main goal is to make a Japanese music/event hub in Europe. For that, I first need to get you foreigners to enjoy your favorite Japanese artists' performances in Japan in real life while I'm still in Japan.

And the Japanese ticket system seems to have been preventing you from fully enjoying what they have to offer. So that's where I come in!




2015 Nov: Starts Ticket Japaaan
       Sep: Back in Japan from EU
       May - Sep: EU trip (Poland→Finland→Estonia→Poland→France→Spain→Portugal→Spain→UK→Spain)

       Apr: Actwitness GmbH (German company. Japanese Music Film Festivals in Europe) fails
2014 Jul: Starts Japanese Music People (Facebook group to connect Japanese music insiders from all over the world)  
2013 Oct: Moves to Germany
       July: Founds Actwitness GmbH (German company. Japanese Music Film Festivals in Europe)

2011 Apr - Mar 2013: Movie Producing Grad School

2007 Jun: Back in Japan from Canada. Work at cinema (- 2008 Feb) 

2006 Sep: Studies abroad in Canada
2003: Working too much at part time jobs shrinks my heart and nearly kills me
 (Life turning point)

1984 Mar: First scream to the world


Weird festivals (CascamorrasLa TomatinaFiesta de Santa Marta de Ribarteme in Spain etc). Traveling. Mahjong. Studying the insides of cinemas and concert venues. Movies. Manga. Martial arts.



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