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The Nightmare Before Christmas LIVE ORCHESTRA & FULL MOVIE, May 25th & 26th, Tokyo


Published: Feb 1, 2019

Last update: Feb 1, 2019

Special nights to remember with THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS Full Movie & Live Orchestra Concert --- Tickets available now!

For your tickets, order via Ticket Japaaan

Full Movie & Live Orchestra Concert dates & hours:

- May 25th, Open 16:30, Start: 17:30

- May 26th, Open 11:00, Start 12:00

- May 26th, Open 15:30, Start 16:30


- S seat ticket: 9,800 JPY

- A seat ticket: 7,800 JPY

- B seat ticket: 4,800 JPY

Performed by

- Danny Elfman

- John Mauceri

- Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra

- Senzoku Freshman Singers

Movie: Original English dub, with Japanese subtitles

Show duration: Approx. 2 hours (break included)

To grab your tickets, come talk to Ticket Japaaan!


Thank you for checking!

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