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Yayoi Kusama Museum tickets - If Sold Out, still Re-Sale Tickets

Published: Jan 26, 2019

Last update: Jan 26, 2019

Open: Thursdays to Sundays and National Holidays.

Admission Times:

①11:00-12:30 (Enter by 11:30) ②12:00-13:30 (Enter by 12:30) ③13:00-14:30 (Enter by 13:30) ④14:00-15:30 (Enter by 14:30) ⑤15:00-16:30 (Enter by 15:30) ⑥16:00-17:30 (Enter by 16:30)

*Please purchase timed tickets in advance online for a 90 minute timed slot. *Admission is possible up to 30 minutes after the specified admission time.

Admission Charges (including tax):

Adults: JPY1,000 

Children aged 6-18: JPY600 *Children under age 6 are free of charge. *Group rates are not applicable.

Ticket Information

- A 90 minute timed slot - Tickets go on sale at 10am (Japan Time) on the first day of each month for the entry in the month after next. *Tickets for the following day are sold until 23:59 of the previous day. *Door tickets are not available.


When is ticket release?

10:00 AM (Japan time) on the 1st of 2 months prior.

For example, ticket release for any day of April is 10:00 February 1st.

How to buy the Yayoi Kusama Museum tickets yourself

Hard to get tickets?

▶ Generally

- Tickets typically sell out in a few min after release.

- When tickets are available on the official site, it seems very easy to purchase the Yayoi Kusama Museum tickets yourself - regardless of whether you live in Japan or not, whether you are Japanese or not.

▶ For Feb 2019

- Still available for some reason as of now (January 25th 2019).

▶ For March 2019

- No exhibition in entire March 2019 since the museum is closed.

▶ For April 2019 onwards

- Supposedly real hard to purchase from the official site, due to the new exhibition series beginning on April 4th (ends on August 31st).

Ticketing remarks

- Tickets are digital. (Used to be physical paper tickets.) You will either have ticket's screenshot on your phone, or print it out into a sheet of paper yourself. At the venue you will have it scanned to enter.

- Tickets always have a name on them.

- The purchaser can put anyone's name on the tickets.

- But so far, no ID check has never be done at entry in the venue or any point. (Which makes it easy for one to pass by with a resale ticket - not illegal at all, just so you know.)

Digital ticket

If sold out, check availability on Resale Ticket Sites - Easy & Not Expensive

Even if tickets are sold out, you may still go for re-sale tickets.

Here are the 2 re-sale ticket sites we use to get our customers their tickets.

Just click on the above 2 links so you can easily check resale tickets' availability.

( = The ticket listings you see are the available ones. If you see none, there's none available.)

You can narrow down your ticket conditions; how many tickets, for which date / hour, etc. - it's easy to navigate those Japanese resale sites even if you don't know Japanese language. Especially with the help of the Google Translate add-on to switch a whole page's language into your language.

For details on how to operate the resale ticket sites, please read this article.

(You may as well check worldwide resale ticket sites such as StubHub and viagogo. Although we've only seen much more expensive tickets there than the Japanese resale ticket sites.)

If hard to buy resale tickets, get help from 3rd party

While the Japanese resale ticket sites are not so difficult to navigate, it may not be as easy to actually purchase resale tickets in case PayPal payment is not available (which depends on the resale ticket listing).


① You'll need the reseller to send the tickets to a specific Japanese address at which you have to receive it yourself in person

② You also need to pay either

- with a Japanese credit card online

- by cash at a convenience store (combini) in Japan

③ When receiving, you'll need to sign your name on the delivery person's delivery slit.

So that's where you can ask a third party for help - your friend in Japan or Ticket Japaaan or whoever can arrange tickets for you.

Why Ask Ticket Japaaan?

- Flexible and responsive with your needs regarding to your days/hours and ticket types.

- Not that expensive (fees below).

Other info

- In the museum, you can take pictures and videos in some areas where you see an obvious sign (still no flash, tripods or selfie sticks). The other areas, you cannot.


Thank you for reading!

Ticket Japaaan's main deals are Japanese concert tickets (Japanese artists or foreign artists). We are able to apply for almost all lotteries (a.k.a ballots) or sales for your favorite artist's tickets to concerts in Japan regardless of them being exclusively available for ticket sites' premium/paid members :)

(We've confirmed that other similar services are not able to as of Nov 13th 2018, assumingly because they don't dare to invest in those costly memberships.)

But we are NOT able to apply for lotteries or sales that are available only among the artist's fanclub members unless you are one of them.

Even if lotteries/sales you know of for your show are overdue or sold-out, you can still just go ahead and ask us for that show's tickets because they can be very possibly available for us!

So tell us what you are after via Ticket Japaaan order form :)


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