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Legit Japanese Ticket Sites you can look up for Your Tickets, How to look up & Heads-up


Published: Sep 26, 2018

Last update: Nov 1, 2018


Here are the legit Japanese ticketing sites that we, Ticket Japaaan, most often use to arrange tickets for customers, which are universally used by most of the Japanese event-goers and artists.

If on your favorite artist's site you cannot find a link for ticketing, you can look up on the following sites. (But we could use any others as long as I find them legit.)

Major ticket-sites

Resale ticket sites

How to find your ticket on the ticketing sites
  1. Go to a ticket site

  2. Type in your artist's name in the search bar

If you don't find any ticketing to your desired date, it means the ticketing site doesn't have it available.

(Although they sometimes actually do have it half-hidden; only accessible from a link exclusively shared on the artist's fanclub/site/community.)

All the sites are commanded in Japanese. But you may be able to decipher them well enough to understand how the ticketing works, using the Google Translate add-on that can translate a whole page into your language.


To purchase tickets or apply for lotteries on one of the above mentioned sites, you'll need to create an account on the site. And to create an account, you will need all or most of the followings that we cannot help you get;

  • Your own Japanese mobile phone number

  • A made-in-Japan credit card

  • Japanese language skills (Google Translate may not work sometimes)

  • A Japanese address

  • To type in your info in the Japanese characters

But if you lack any of the above and/or find difficulty getting a ticket to your favorite artist's show in Japan, you can throw an order from the Ticket Japaaan site :)


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